The Communauté d ' agglomération Bergeracoise

Merging 3 communities of Communes: Bergerac purple, 3 valleys of the Bergerac, Dordogne département Eyraud
27 municipalities
Total area of 472,47 km2
56 232 inhabitants

The CAB, unite and create together a real territorial cohesion to optimize the development of the bergeracoise region

A territory

The attractiveness of the territory is based on 3 axes of work :

1 - The development of business areas to prepare the territory
2 - Economic prospecting
3 - The transfer of the office of tourism in a municipal office


1 - mandatory

-Economic development
-Development of community space
-Social balance of habitat
-Policy of the city in the community

2 - Optional

-Protection and enhancement of
-The environment and the living environment
-Construction, planning, maintenance and management of equipment cultural and sports events of Community interest
-Social action of Community interest

3 - optional

-Planning (planning and training)
-Programme of development of the villages
-Rehabilitation of 'small 'heritage built
-Maintenance of the banks of rivers, federal waterways and implementation of a river contract
-Non collective sanitation
-Conception, realization of investment and management of parking lots of the travellers
-Definition of a political home of general practitioners and the professions of health within the community.

Practical info

The offices will be located in the premises of the former community of common Bergerac Pourpre: Domaine de La Tour "the Tour is" - Bvd Charles Garraud - CS40012 - 24100 Bergerac

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